American Science and Technology Hires Baisch Engineering to Assist with its Bio-Refinery Scale Up

CHICAGO, IL   – American Science and Technology (AST), a Chicago-based company focused on converting lignocellulosic biomass into high-value chemicals and products, has selected Baisch Engineering, based out of Kaukauna (WI), to assist in the scale up of its Wausau (WI) bio-refinery pilot plant. The new scaled-up plant will increase AST’s processing capacity from 200 pounds of lignocellulosic biomass per day to 2 tons per day.

Baisch Engineering brings over 56 years of experience to the table, offering full service integration engineering for process related industries. They have served a wide range of industries including pulp & paper, bioenergy and biofuels, and food processing.

Baisch Engineering’s role in the scale up effort will cover everything from process engineering, electrical and instrument engineering, structural engineering, and programming of the distributed control system to providing cost estimates as well as construction assistance.

“We are very confident and excited about our selection of Baisch Engineering to help us progress to the next stage and to expand on our ability to deliver novel products more efficiently,” said AST President and CEO, Dr. Ali Manesh. “They are a well established company with a highly experienced and creative team of engineers who will be able to provide invaluable knowledge and technical expertise.”American Science and Technology Corporation has been utilizing its complete and integrated biorefinery facilities to develop a highly sustainable and economically viable organosolv process to convert cellulosic biomass into highly refined fermentable sugars, pure lignin, high quality pulp, and organic solvents. AST's cellulosic sugars and lignin are key intermediate products in supply chains for producing bio-chemicals, plastics, bio-fuels, and nutritional supplements for food. As a result of its ongoing collaboration with the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (UWSP), AST and UWSP were awarded approximately $2.8 million in November of 2013, as part of a $22.5 million initiative by the University of Wisconsin System institutions, to help scale up AST’s bio-refinery pilot plant. The new pilot plant is scheduled to come on-line in late 2015.