New Washington State University Study Using AST Lignin in Thermoplastic Material Produces Promising Results

Scientists at Washington State University’s Composite Materials and Engineering Center have published a new paper discussing their recent work on the application of Organosolv lignin, supplied by American Science and Technology (AST), in thermoplastic materials.

The paper “Mechanochemical Oleation of Lignin Through Ball Milling and Properties of its Blends with PLA” indicates a successful modification of AST lignin and blending it with PLA through melt extrusion. The paper reports the scientific examination of tensile, dynamic mechanical, rheological, and morphological properties of the blends. 

The conclusion indicates “Compared with the PLA/milled OL blends, the PLA/oleated OL blends exhibited finer dispersion of lignin in the blends, increased glass transition temperature and higher tensile properties.”

The full paper can be found at the following reference:  

Xiaojie Guo, Xin Junna, Michael P. Wolcott, and Jinwen Zhang, ChemistrySelect 2016, 1, 3449-3454